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It hovered above us for about 1 minute without a sound and then took off.Lights moved from sky to tree level, to house level and then slowly but in an unorderly way zizzaged darkened and dissapeered.A circle UFO composed of 12 smaller lights hovering 150 feet above the ground.Steady orange lights traveling from SW horizon to NE horizon in under 30 seconds.Witnessed by my wife, myself, and neighbor - bright white light, blue, red. much larger than any stars - stationary.Read 5 reviews of St. Croix Casino RV Park in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. View amenities of St. Croix Casino RV Park and see other nearby camping options.Reddish orb floating across the sky about basketball size right above the cabins about 100 150 feet above land.Bright white light, comes and goes in seconds but disappears mid air.Triangle of lights observing us through our window above the tree line, and would move side to side and closer and away.

My 2 friends and I were star gazing in the southern sky,almost straigt above, when we all witnessed that looked like 3 satelites moving.12:00pm St. Croix Casino $75 NL Holdem Tournament $20 addon @StCroixCasinos http://www. nt/st-croix-casino-turtle. Shout Out Minnesota!.Fast moving ball of light over Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

We went outside for a smoke break on a cloudy and drizziling nig.Find the best St Croix Valley Natural Gas Co, River Falls, WI 54022 around and get detailed driving directions with road conditions, live traffic updates, and reviews.Small low flying lights moving through sky at medium speed, spaced about 500 yards apart.Seen 3 bright light in the north moving to the west in a triangl pattern.My father had gone to bed and my mother and I were sitting outside on the patio late at night, enj.

I was traveling east on I94 at 0500 hours going to work, it was dark just before the sunrise it was cloudy low lying clouds.Hinckley MN: FREE Visitor Information – Looking for free visitor information for hotels, motels, b&bs, fast food, casual and fine dining restaurants.Looked like planet at first (mars) it was changing colors and was stationary (hoovering) but then began to move away slowly until out o.St. Croix Hotels Guide. Your source for st. croix resorts, st. croix vacations, st. croix travel and st. croix hotel packages.Last night while I was outside of my work smoking a cigarette, I looked up at the sky as I always do on a clear night and noticed what.

Craft FLEW IN FROM THE EAST AT A HIGH RATE OF SPEED AND STOPED INSTANTLY AND HUVERED FOR FOUR HOURS.Driving S on I-35 southbound, driver and passenger witnessed a white ball of light falling just south of Lakeville Mcstop.My name is Angie and the other two people with me at the time were my sister and her friend.Glowing in the tree line was an amazing aluminous orange fireball.At 11:55 pm on August 30th, ten people who were gathered around a campfire in northern Minnesota witnessed a triangular shaped craft th.Very distant light blinking on and off at eight second intervals.My husband walked outside and on his way back in he saw up to 15 balls of light.

A large bright orb that changed size N.E. of Duluth Air National Guard.My Sister, my boyfriend, and I were driving back to our rural home in center city, MN.St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake, Turtle Lake: See 76 reviews, articles, and 9 photos of St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake on TripAdvisor.

Huge electric blue flash lasting 12 seconds in NE sky, pulsing and flickering.At dusk, watching the first stars of the evening make their appearance a bright rectangle appeared at arround 90 degrees ( almost strai.I reported this incident in approx. 2004 and got no response on perfect semi circle vapor trail.Rotating triangular formation of lights seen moving across sky.

St Croix Valley Natural Gas Co, River Falls, WI 54022

Boyfriend and I noticed a bright light reflecting on the river.Minnesota casinos map showing the location of the 20 different casinos in Minnesota. Minnesota Casino Proximity Table.About a dozen strange silent orange lights in a formation flew slowly over the night sky in Minneapolis, MN.A teardrop shaped UFO rose from a small pond, hovered for a moment at the treeline, charged up, and accelerated into the SE sky.Saw three white objects in clear blue sky flying against the wind in triangular formation.Title: St. Croix Boom Site, 3 Miles North of Stillwater, along St. Croix River, Stillwater, Washington County, MN Creator(s): Historic American.

On November 7th 2004 my friend and I seen two red lights blinking across the night sky moving very slowly.Campbell's Cabins is located on Lac La Croix - the most beautiful of the many Minnesota-Canadian border lakes.I Tried. One of the new songs to be recorded and released on Arena's first album - spring 2016.It was a beautiful summer day and me and my close friend were walking my girlfriend home from school we were about 15 years old at the.Me and my girlfriend was at a event on the river in st.paul minnesota.We were standing in a line.When we were looking up into the sky a.I saw four silver colored( like when the sun shines on an airplane) capsuale shaped objects that were traveling east to west, very fast.Myself, a friend, two 9-yr old children watched a pulsating craft hover over the St.Louis River in Cloquet, just at the edge of town.

Riply, MN, at 13:00 on Jan 10 2012 along with lots of UFO Activity.I was driving north on 35w and somewhere around Blaine Mn I noticed 2 odd black rectangle shapes flying in the sky maybe 500 to 1000 fe.I came home from dinner with my two sisters in Minneapolis, and there were 3 lights moving in their own circular directions, converging.