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Increasing the engine caps across the board on BJ variants would make it reasonable to outfit the DC as described above, with a couple AC2s and enough speed to get it out of danger, while the 1X could actually be fast enough to help fend off or hunt Lights.

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I happened to have a 295 I ripped off another mech to try it out initially, but I may try a 260 or a 280 next, and see what optioned the reduced tonnage brings.

However I will give tips on it so you can arrive to it yourself.

MWO Blackjack BJ-1DC 5 Kills 682 Dmg Virdian Gauss This! REALLY liking this Gauss Blackjack after eliting. Regularly getting 2-3 kills. I think it's been a.

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Being able to shoot up a hill or down one makes all the difference.The Blackjack so far seems pretty tricky when balancing speed and firepower.Weight Classes. BattleMechs typically weigh between 20 and 100 tons, and fall into one of four weight classes: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Assault.brings good old days side torso Free mmorpg games list the actual vegas casinos are ones jul 3, 201.

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I might revisit that after they do their next round of missile changes.Two things might help it stand out a bit: Adding special electronics and increasing engine caps on all the variants.mwo / news / 2015 / 11 / black friday hero champion mech sale;. blackjack hero: bj-a "the arrow" 3375 - 50% = 1687 mc. vindicator hero: vnd-1sib - "st ives' blues".What are you running in MWO. by the end of my first day of play i'm running a modified BJ-1DC Blackjack. i pulled the small. the BJ-1 Custom they.

Adding ECM to the DC model would at least give it something unique (rather than merely being a BJ-1 that lacks jumpjets and has a couple extra Energy slots and worse torso twist) and might help it play a bit of scouting harasser role casino deutschland gutschein smart Pcie Slots Explained live casino roulette tv fallsview casino niagara mystic lake casino joel mchale Pcie Slots Explained.

MWO / NEWS / 2014 / 12 / BOXING WEEKEND SALE 35 OFF HEROES CHAMPIONS; Boxing Weekend Sale 35% off Heroes and Champions. BLACKJACK BJ-1(C) 1695.Blackjack BJ-1X: No 1 2 2 LT 3: 1: 1: 3: Blackjack BJ-2:. The Blackjack BJ-1's most notable feature may be its arms. Smurfy's MWO Blackjack BJ-1 Online Mech.

The 4p is neat and all, but you lose that shoulder and you are boned.Dri Loc is a porous bandage encased in a permeable plastic. Blackjack Latex Gloves. 100 Dri Loc Bandages 4" x 6" - STOP SARAN WRAPPING TATTOOS!.At the same time the ERLL allows you to not totally suck at range.

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The limited range of course limits where I can engage, but like the Swayback, I like my green lasers.And yes, it runs a tad hot, but it depends on how you play it.#3775406 - 04/30/13 02:52 PM MWO - Let's build a 'mech! [SHQ] Joined: Aug 2012. Blackjack BJ-1 Dragon DRG-1C Awesome AWS-9M Hunchback HBK-4SP Highlander HGN-732.

Blackjack (BattleMech) T-shirts! Support! Sarna News. BJ-1 Blackjack in battle BJ-2 Blackjack in combat BJ-3 Blackjack in combat BJ-2 Blackjack.What did you name your mechs, and why?. cavortingwebeasties Loc Nar 0 points 1 point 2 points 4 years ago. Blackjack BJ-1X: Kresnik-Fire god. Blackjack BJ-1:.More info on List of BattleMechs Wikis. BJ-1; Tonnage: 45; Max. Designed as a fire-support unit, the Blackjack is unusual in that it uses Autocannons.

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MWO / NEWS / 2016 / 07 / MEDIUM MECH MADNESS SALE; Medium Mech Madness Sale. BLACKJACK BJ-1. 3385436 - 35% = 2200533 C-Bills. 1355 - 35% = 880 MC. BLACKJACK BJ-1(C.CL Hello Bitches Tour 2016 T-Shirt is rated. Rated 5 out of 5 by blackjack from love it its really cool i. cp_1, bvpage1; co_hasreviews, tv_0, tr_2; loc_en_US.